5 Ways on How to Improve Reading Comprehension


A lot of people are looking for a job in the world today. There are even more persistent applicants in third world countries who want a hard working job to have a better standard of living.

Manpower agencies in the Philippines are known to receive many resumes from different individuals from across the nation. Competition is fierce especially when others have more experience in comparison to you. But there is a way for you to excel amongst your peers.

You can definitely refine your set of abilities and reading comprehension is a skill that you can definitely improve on, here are five steps for you to follow:


Write Down Your Pre-reading Predictions

In order to improve your skill in reading comprehension, you will have to create a three column chart before reading a chapter or an article.

In the chart’s left-hand column, you will have to list down all the things you believe the whole text will cover as well as all the conclusions it will be arriving on. Consider its title, abstract, summary, and section headings in order to draw your predictions. Make this list as detailed as it can be.

In the middle column, write down what the writer actually included in the text from the list of your predictions. Make a brief comparison between the first two columns and try to explain the difference in the third and final column.



Try to summarize each paragraph down into one to two sentences while you are reading. Write them down into your own words to comprehend them better. Do this step before continuing with the article.

Compare your summaries with another reader to see if you both agree or disagree on the meaning of the text.


Do a Post Reading Review

You can create a three-step review after reading the entire article or chapter.

  • First: jot down an abstract composed of 100-150 words that will describe what the writer had set out to tell you. Use the chunk-summaries you have written to help you out.
  • Second: write another 100-150 words that discuss the reason why this material the author has written about is significant. Consider why it is important to the writer as well as to the readers like you.
  • Third: Figure out how the author organized the chapter or the article. Determine if he or she used reasoning such as deconstruction, induction/reduction, model building, or cause-effect. Contemplate what technique did he or she used to convince you about a certain subject matter.


Discuss the Reading With Another Person

After completing all the steps above, describe what you have been reading to a friend or family member while using your own words. Use every material you have created in choosing what language or ideas to discuss with this other person for them to better understand it.


Create a Mind-Map

Make a graphical map where you can pour all your reactions, thoughts, and summaries about the reading. After all, one of the best things you can do to cement a set of thoughts and ideas in your head is by translating them into a different figure or medium.

You do not have to include every detail into this one, just write down those that are important for you to better comprehend the link between each piece of information.

If you are serious in improving your reading comprehension skills, then you will follow all the steps listed above. You will be assured that they will be able to help you secure your next job!


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