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writer's block


I was on Facebook the other day and some of my blogger friends were asking for help with writer’s block. Some of them were willing to pay someone to come up with ideas of things to write. That got me thinking aren’t there resources out there to help writer’s overcome the dreaded writer’s block. I mean there is nothing worse to a writer than to have a blank piece of paper staring at you almost mocking. So with this mission in mind  I set off to find out if such a thing does exist and came upon these cool resources for bloggers that are free to download for Kindle. Check out these cool resources.

Four Seasons of Creative Writing: 1,000 Prompts to Stop Writer’s Block–  This book covers holidays, festivals, the five senses, entertainment and more. These 1,000 story prompts work for blogs, scripts, stories, poems, essays, journaling, songs and anything else that requires you to stare down writer’s block and start writing!

Get Me Writing: 40 More Ways to Improve Your Writing– This book has  pointers, tips, suggestions, and prompts to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

How I Beat Writers Block: How I Overcame My Struggle With The Blank Paper And Got My Creative Juices Flowing–  this book provides you with easy motivational and practical strategies.

These are just a free items that I found on Amazon to aid overcoming that dreaded writer’s block.


  1. Rebecca Harmon says

    Yes, there are lots of great resources both paid and free available on the market. However, I do see the value in paying someone for some big power-hitting ideas to write about. Sometimes if a blogger has already exhausted other books and ideas, having someone they trust come up with a list of fresh new ideas for evergreen content can be exactly what the doctor ordered to get them creatively writing again. Thanks for sharing these wonderful free resources with everyone. It’s nice to have someone else doing the research. 🙂

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