A Fellow Reading: The Car Enthusiast


A car enthusiast is defined as a person who loves or is interested in everything that is related to cars as well as their individual parts like the universal muffler. These are people who belong in a relatively small albeit lively community that engages in different activities such as car meets, blogs, TV shows, games, forums, magazines, books, etc. This group of people encourages creativity as well as learning about automobiles.

Learn and read more about different cars in history by reading some of these books.


  1. Porsche – Origin of the Species

Karl Ludvigsen, a car historian, is the author of this book while Michael Furman is the photographer. The automobile seen on its cover is the famed Jerry Seinfeld Porsche Gmünd coupe 356/2-040. Its design has been broadly discussed in this book. It has, after all, stood the test of time in automobile history.


  1. Drive On!: A Social History of the Motor Car

L.J.K. Setright is the author of Drive On! He was recognized as a legend by car enthusiasts everywhere for his extensive car knowledge. His book covers the influence cars had on culture and society (as well as vice versa) in the past decades. Setright had made sure to include his interesting insights regarding vehicle technology in this book.


  1. Form Follows Function: The Art of the Supercar

This book will surely have all car enthusiasts drooling over every photo taken by James Mann. He made sure to take photographs of 20 supercars in vivid color. Feast your eyes on their images for there is a low chance you will ever see these vehicles in real life. The cars come from various brands like Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, and Aston Martin.


  1. The Complete Book of Corvette: Every Model Since 1953

This book is dedicated to the stunning heritage of the Corvette. It features an in-depth description as well as photographs of the first six models of this supercar. Chevrolet has provided the license of this book as well as the original photos you can see on its pages.


  1. The DeLorean Story: The Car, the People, the Scandal

This is a book that discusses the demise that occurred to John DeLorean and the DMC-12. It shares the tragic story that happened to both DeLorean and his company. It includes tales of fraud accusation and drug smuggling which lead to an ultimate closure of the line of remarkable automobiles.


  1. The Ferrari Book

The Ferrari Book is a coffee table book car enthusiasts would be glad to have. It features the photos done by Gunther Raupp as well as the picture effects he used. This book and its photos would prove to you why Raupp has been the official shutterbug for the official Ferrari calendar since 1984.


  1. The Impossible Collection of Cars

This book showcases the top 100 outstanding cars in the 20th Century. It features modern vehicles like the 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S and the 1909 Blitzen Benz. The cars owned by Pablo Picasso, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich have been included as well.

Satisfy the car enthusiast in you by reading all these books – it will definitely won’t exhaust you down, but up.


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