Five Books To Refresh Date Nights

Five Books To Refresh Date Nights from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

It is important to take some time for yourself and your partner. Date nights help you to reconnect with each other and also give you the opportunity to try something new or do something that you don’t usually do. While it is not necessary to go out on a date night, it is an incredible way for couples to gain insight into their relationship. It’s also an opportunity for couples who are newly dating or have been dating long-term to spend quality time together without any distractions. The idea of a quick and easy date night with your significant other is very appealing. It’s what you need to spice up your relationship and it’s also great as a last-minute idea for couples who want to spend some time with each other but can’t come up with anything. So I have compiled a list of 5 books to refresh date nights.

Five Books To Refresh Date Nights from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

31 Christmas Dates for Couples: Festive Date Night Ideas to Celebrate the Christmas Season and Grow Closer Together

Unique date night ideas to celebrate Christmas with your partner

What better way to celebrate this holiday season with your partner and get closer together than with some festive and well-planned Christmas dates?

This book contains unique date ideas that will get you and your partner into the Christmas spirit and will make this season feel even more magical and special to both of you.

Whether you’re looking to have some Christmassy fun or jolly conversations, share some mistletoe romance or learn more about each other, engage in some healthy competition, or play like kids again, this book is the perfect choice for this holiday season.

With plenty of dates for each day of the month leading up to Christmas Day, you’ll never run out of ideas. Pick as many as you possibly can to make the most of this Christmas season and create happy memories together to cherish for years to come.

Five Books To Refresh Date Nights from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

Creative Date Night Ideas Over 52 Fun and Unique Date Ideas for Home, Going Out and Double Dates: The Perfect Couples Gift



  • Going Out
  • Staying in
  • With Friends
  • Foodie Dates
  • Adventurous Dates
  • Relaxing Dates
  • Artsy Dates
  • As well as space to write in your own date ideas to try

Date recap pages help you record all your fun memories together including spots for an overall review of the date, your most memorable moments, and a fun rating.

Five Books To Refresh Date Nights from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

Date Night Cards: A Book with over 230 Cut Out Date Cards for Date Night Ideas | With Bonus Gift Giving and Shake it Up Cards

The more we do things on purpose for a purpose it makes life more meaningful.  These are great activities that you may already be doing, but when you put the spin on it that you’re also doing this to get closer to someone, rekindle flames or just stay in love, it becomes doubly meaningful.  I will also point out, there is no wrong way to use these cards, but we will give you some great ideas of how to in the book.

You have 150 date ideas in this book, way more than you can plan in a year if you’re doing something once per week together, but that’s on purpose.  Some of these will be right down your alley and others will be way out of your league and personal goals.  You’re going to agree on the ones that suit you as a couple and toss the rest. 

The Book is in 3 Parts

  • Date Idea Cards (17 categories: over 230 ideas all together)
  • Gift Giving Ideas
  • Shake it up Date Cards

Is this for Dating or Married Couples?  These cards can work for both. 

What are some of the dating categories?

  • Adventures
  • Sports
  • Budget
  • Creativity
  • The Arts
  • For Foodies
  • Nature Lovers
  • Seasonal
Five Books To Refresh Date Nights from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

Best Date Night Ideas Book: 100+ Fun & Romantic Date Night Ideas

Ready for some fun? Get 2 colored pens, one for each of you, and fill in the pages ahead. Have fun exploring, planning, remembering, and laughing! Your relationship is a legacy!! Use the prompts as a springboard to launch into great conversations. Stroll down memory lane. Show & tell each other how much you love each other again and again.

Five Books To Refresh Date Nights from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

Free & Extremely Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples

Date Night Coupons are great for all couples, men and women, whether you are in a new relationship or you have been married for years. This book is filled with 52 free or cheap ideas for creating a romantic evening for him and her for a whole year. It is more than just a book filled with Dating Coupons though, it is also a dating diary with room for you to fill out the Dating Journal so you can track the dates and start to build lifelong memories

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