Held in the Past, Pushed to the Future: A Young Woman’s Journey

Held in the Past, Pushed to the Future- A Young Woman’s Journey from Reading with Frugal Mom

Niran, a Muslim woman coming of age in Detroit after emigrating from Iraq, walks a fine line between ancestral norms and the freedoms of a new generation as the protagonist of award-winning author Weam Namou’s new book, Pomegranate.

Inspired by her idol Enheduanna of ancient Mesopotamia, Niran navigates societal challenges, fights against cultural stereotypes and most of all aims to make her voice heard by all around her.

Enheduanna, the first known poet in world history, was a woman who lived more than 4,300 years ago. The High Priestess was a genuine historical figure, whereas Niran’s story is a mixture of real and imagined stories. They focus on Muslim women who cope with many issues as they transition from old traditions to a modern, western society. Author Namou admits that some of the tales involving the fictional Niran mirror her own.

Moving from war-torn Iraq to the U.S. was not easy for Niran, especially since it meant living as a liberal Muslim immigrant in a neighborhood of well-to-do, conservative Christians during the 2016 presidential election. As a young adult, Niran chafes under the tight rein of her headstrong mother who, enforcing tradition and obedience, stifles her children’s individuality.  

About the Author

Weam Namou was born in Baghdad to an ancient lineage called the Chaldeans (Neo-Babylonians who still speak Aramaic). She’s an award-winning author of 14 books, an international award-winning filmmaker, journalist, poet, and Ambassador for the Authors Guild of America (Detroit Chapter). She hosts a half-hour weekly TV show and founded The Path of Consciousness, a spiritual and writing community. She created Unique Voices in Films, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and Namou’s work has been published in many national and international publications. One of her best-known books, The Great American Family, won the Eric Hoffer Award, and she wrote, produced, and directed an award-winning documentary based on the same book. Additionally, she has written and directed Pomegranate the movie, which you can learn more about at www.PomegranateMovie.com.

For over a decade, Namou has been giving talks, presentations, and workshops at libraries, colleges, and universities, and for special groups. She is currently available both nationally and internationally via virtual platforms.

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