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A personal brand is in many ways synonymous with your reputation. It’s important to understand that people are judged within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. Thus, any of your personal characteristics that evoke sentiments, attitudes, impressions, and beliefs are all part of your personal branding. As an individual, you must always acknowledge yourself as a brand and understand that there is no one better than you who can market your personal brand. Personal branding involves highlighting things that are unique and distinguishable about you, including the key characteristics of your personality. People who are looking for those characteristics should be able to conveniently identify you as a key interest. Throughout this book, we will discuss various techniques you can implement in order to effectively market yourself as a brand of your own. We will discuss the characteristics you will need to develop and cultivate within yourself, and how to effectively market these select characteristics to your target audience. Grab How to Brand Yourself: A Guide to Branding Yourself & Using Personal Branding Strategies to Promote Yourself for free.

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