How to Get Rid Of That Pile of Unread Books

Unwanted books bedside table

Is there a pile of unread books sitting by your bed? Does the daily paper head straight to the recycling bin without more than a second glance? These days there is little time for getting any real reading done, no matter how much you want to pick up that latest thriller or romance. But follow these tips, and you’ll slowly but surely make your way through all that literature.

  • Keep the computer off in the morning..Unless you’re expecting an important e-mail from work, revamp your morning routine and replace online time with reading time.Sitting with a book and reading for 15 minutes in the morning can set the stage for a less hectic day. Plus you tend to have a more relaxed start to your day.
  • Choose exercise wisely. Exercise machines move along smoothly enough that you can both exercise and read.
  • Use audio books in the car. When’s the last time you popped in at the local library? Stop by and scan through the audio books section. Throw the CDs in your car’s player and play whenever you’re in the car—where you may spend a lot of time anyway.
  • Have a smartphone? Use e-books. If you have a phone or device that will let you download apps, check out this list of e-book apps for the iPhone that will let you download books straight to your phone, making them much more portable.
  • Adjust your bedtime routine. Make reading time part of your bedtime routine— If time gets away from you and you read long past the fifteen-minute mark, start earlier the next night so that you aren’t reading into the wee hours of the morning.
  • Take your book with you everywhere. Use that handbag that’s large enough to hold the next book you want to read. You will be amazed how often you find chances to read a few pages at a time. You never know when the chance to get in some reading may present itself, so make sure you have your book with you at all times.
  • Use that DVR. If you have a DVR and a favorite TV show you catch every week, set your DVR to tape that show. You can start watching the show 20 minutes after it starts, fast forwarding through the commercials, and still finish at 9 p.m. Use that first 20 minutes to read!
  • Rise earlier on the weekends. Get up just half an hour earlier to read. By the time your half hour is up, you’ll be awake, refreshed, and excited. And it’s the weekend, so you might even have time to continue reading!
  • And remember, use a bookmark! If you’re reading in bursts, it’s easy to forget where you stopped. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it can be simple as a business card, a napkin, or a receipt. I use  post it notes. What about you? Do you have any tips to place reading into your schedule? Or do you already have the time to begin with?

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