Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Story From China Story Activity


lon po po

In this Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood, a mother leaves her three children at home when she goes to visit their grandmother. While she is away, a hungry wolf pays her children a sinister visit. But the oldest sister’s quick thinking saves the day.

After students are familiar with the book, stock a center with a copy of the book, another version of Little Red Riding Hood, a large Venn diagram drawn on bulletin board paper, and sticky notes. List the books’ titles on the diagram. Then have each small group of students rereadLon Po Po and list important details from the story on sticky notes. The group places the notes on the Venn diagram under the book’s title. Next, the group repeats this process with the second version of Little Red Riding Hood. Once both sets of notes have been added to the diagram, the group rereads its chart and places any notes common to both stories in the center of the diagram. If desired, challenge students by adding another book to the center and adding another circle to the Venn diagram.

And if you don’t have the book you can grab it here.

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