Make Reading Fun

Making reading fun

I was recently looking through one of my teaching magazines and they had this awesome idea.

You’ll hear lots of giggles with this reenactment of “Little Miss Muffet”! Attach a string to a large plastic spider. Get a stool and a plastic bowl and spoon. Then sit on the stool with the bowl and spoon and give the spider to a volunteer. Pretend to be Little Miss Muffet as you lead students in reciting the rhyme. Prompt the child to hold the spider by the string and put it near you when appropriate. Then give a yelp and “run away” with great dramatic flair! Play several rounds, prompting youngsters to be Miss Muffet as well as the spider. *The Mailbox

See with a little imagination you can make books come alive to your students or your children. If your children love nursery rhymes than I highly recommend The Real Mother Goose.  Plus you can also engage your children in activities asking them questions how would they act the nursery rhymes. If you homeschool, Nursery rhymes are a great way to get drama, the creative arts as well as spelling and vocabulary into your lesson.

Remember when it comes to getting children to read, think out of the box. It doesn’t matter that aren’t reading classic literature books. The important thing is that they are reading.

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