MSNBC Anchor Launches Children’s Book to Teach Entrepreneurship

the startup club

JJ Ramberg, host of Your Business on MSNBC and the founder of Goodshop is releasing the book The Startup Club: The Big Idea.  It’s a fun fiction early-reader series about a group of elementary school kids who use their creativity and passions to start small businesses.

Kids are natural entrepreneurs – just think of all the lemonade stands you see over the summer.  As an entrepreneur, a journalist who covers entrepreneurship, and a mom of three kids (7, 8 and 9), JJ was shocked when she couldn’t find any books that tap into kids’ natural interest in starting a business.   It seemed like a wasted teaching opportunity.

So, together with Melanie Staggs and S. Taylor, she wrote a book that is both fun to read and based on characters that real kids can use as inspiration when they start their own kid-run companies.  Through the book, kids will learn the components of starting a business in an age appropriate way. The book comes out Aug 7 but is available for pre-order now.

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