Planet Classroom Network Announces New Way to Help Youth Authors Find an Audience

Planet Classroom Network Announces New Way to Help Youth Authors Find an Audience

Questions around shrinking attention spans have been a popular area of research, but is it about quantity or is it about quality?

Over 100 million ebooks have been created using Book Creator’s worldwide app, making it one of the essential apps for schools everywhere using iPads. Now Book Creator (No. 1 on the iTunes App Store in 90+ countries) is launching its first Write a Story in One Page which the Planet Classroom Network will feature on its YouTube Channel to build more awareness for original stories authored by youth.

“We have the privilege of presenting Book Creator as a curator on our platform,” says co-founder and author C.M. Rubin (Cathy). In an age when the average human attention span is rapidly decreasing, we loved the concept of a youth story-telling challenge in just one page. Learning the skills to make story-telling more innovative, entertaining, engaging and relevant to a changing world will help youth build confidence and sharpen their communication and critical-thinking skills.”

“We are very excited to be associated with Planet Classroom in this brilliant initiative. Literacy is such an important skill, but we know that a lot of kids today are not motivated to write. We believe that’s because they don’t have an audience for their writing,” noted Dan Kemp, Marketing and Community Manager Book Creator.

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