Remy’s Dilemma: Special Delivery a Refreshingly Humor-Filled, Road-Tripping Crime Caper

Destruction-prone and aptly monikered Remy Delemme isn’t the criminal genius the government has pegged him for—nor is he even a regular kind of genius. Arrested for crimes against the Glamerican government, a delightfully oblivious Remy finds himself detained in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. To earn his freedom and avoid incarceration, a confused yet cooperative Remy is forced to work as a shadow agent for the government. Unfortunately for them, in true Remy Delemme form, our hilarious hero inadvertently sets off a series of events that could spell doom for the entire world.

Remy’s Dilemma: Special Delivery is author Andrew Snook’s misadventure-filled follow-up to his first book in the series, Remy’s DilemmaIn Book II, the Glamerican government isn’t the only entity that has mistaken the utterly clueless Remy for a criminal mastermind. Toronto police detective Tobias Gray is attempting to track down Remy and rescue Rose Maheen, the love of Remy’s life, who has mysteriously gone missing. Along with a cast of wickedly funny characters, including a grizzly moose addicted to maple beans and a retired curler turned philosophical hobo, the bumbling but ever-endearing Remy sets off across Western Canada on the adventure of his life, encountering exploding museums, train derailments, and chaos galore everywhere he goes.

Written while Snook undertook his own four-year road trip through 62 Canadian towns and cities, including all 10 Canadian provinces and The Yukon, Remy’s Dilemma: Special Delivery is a quick, light-hearted read with laugh-out-loud moments and silly little nuggets of truth that pay homage to numerous Canadian locales.

Author Andrew Snook is a professional writer and editor based in his hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. His passion for absorbing Canadian culture has fueled his love for traveling across the country. He has only one goal in mind when writing fiction, and that is to make Canadians laugh out loud at inappropriate moments while shooting some sort of beverage out of their noses. Preferably, something not acidic. He’s caring like that.

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Also, check out the interview with the author below.

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