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Each year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions, setting goals to improve our physical health and increase our spiritual growth. But what if we also renewed our commitment to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the globe? Such a commitment would draw us into closer fellowship with Christ’s body, blessing the physical health and spiritual growth of our persecuted Christian family members.

The free 2022 Global Prayer Guide provides information on the hostile areas and restricted nations where VOM currently serves persecuted Christians, and that information will help you pray more specifically for their needs. Each entry includes a general overview of the situation for Christians in a particular country as well as who the primary persecutors are, what it means to follow Christ in that country, the availability of and access to Bibles, and a summary of VOM’s ongoing work there.

The 2022 Global Prayer Guide also includes an updated prayer map showing the location of each hostile area and restricted nation. The map is a useful resource for your daily prayer time and for checking the location of a country you hear about in the news. It will help you pray for those advancing God’s kingdom on some of the most difficult and dangerous mission fields.

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