“The Adventures of Ginger the Red Fox’: Poignant and uplifting tale of having a positive influence on others

"The Adventures of Ginger the Red Fox': Poignant and uplifting tale of having a positive influence on others

Raluca Nicolae brings together two of her passions – writing and nature – in her debut book for children, The Adventures of Ginger the Red Fox.

Whilst introducing captivating, relatable animal characters, the author’s intriguing use of a puzzle as part of the plot, and her positive life-affirming messaging, sets this book for the under-sevens apart. 

At 55 pages, The Adventures of Ginger the Red Fox is longer than many early read books but brings with it all the qualities of a bedtime favorite. Raluca Nicolae is a children’s author to look out for.


A story about innocence and about how the world can become a better place.  Follow Ginger, the little red fox, as she embarks on a journey that will change not only her life but also the fate of her beloved forest and the future of the many friends she encounters on her way.

Her biggest desire is to save the place where she was born and to have a positive influence on everyone she meets.

The characters she meets on her journey become part of a universal puzzle that helps her save her kingdom. 

Author, Raluca Nicolae says:

“If we truly believe in something with an open heart and see things with kindness, then everything will fall into place.”

Published by ShieldCrest Publishing, the Adventures of Ginger the Red Fox is available in hardback (£14.99) on Amazon .

About the author:

Raluca has a degree in child psychology and is passionate about literature, nature, psychology, numerology, and art in general.

She discovered her love for writing at a very young age and has a particular fondness for foxes and wolves.

Her ultimate goal and the reason she has written this book is to inspire people to love and protect nature.  She also believes it will help them find inner peace and spread kindness.

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