What I am Currently Reading: Everything Beautiful in Its Time

What I am Currently Reading_ Everything Beautiful in Its Time from North Carolina Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

Full disclosure receiving this book was not in the way I expected to receive it. Before COVID really hit the nation, I signed up (meaning paid) to attend a book signing when Jenna Bush Hager released her new book Everything Beautiful in Its Time. I had plans to attend with one of my good friends Hannah and her book. We were going to spend the day after the book signing dining in Raleigh and then driving home. I am sure the ride there and the ride back would be filled with phrases like ” Gosh Jenna is so nice.” “She is really is just like she is on tv” and more. But sadly, COVID hit and the book signing was rescheduled. And when restrictions weren’t released it was made into a zoom call. The book was released on Tuesday and I received my signed copy on Friday, September 11. Ironic, I don’t think so since Jenna’s Dad was President when that awful disaster happened to our country.

I will say that having an autographed copy was awesome, but it doesn’t replace the fact that I would have had her write my name in my copy. Yes, I am extra like that. That aside, I will say that this book gave me and insight on the lives of not only her grandparents but also her parents as well. I got this book in the mail on Friday and by Saturday night at 9 pm I was done with it. I laughed in some places and felt myself shedding tears in other places. You can certainly tell how much Bush Hager really loved all of her grandparents and how she is dreading the day she has to say good bye to her own parents.

I am a huge fan of George Bush, her dad. I just think he is one of those neighbors next door that when you see in the yard when you come home from work you totally would stop and have a chat with him. In fact, in my 50th episode of Chats from the Blog Cabin, I was asked who would I like to be sitting next to on a 10-hour flight and I immediately said I wanted the middle seat between Michelle Obama and George Bush. I just know that that conversation would not only be eye-opening, but I know they would keep me in stitches.

Everything Beautiful in Its Time is so well written and such an easy read. I love how she broke the book into little essays and the family pictures and memories are one that left me thinking about what legacy am I leaving for my girls? If you are looking for a book about a granddaughter’s love and the lessons she learns from her grandparents- the famous and not so famous than this is the book for you. I do recommend it.

I of course now have Jenna Bush Hager on my dream list for a Chats from the Blog Cabin episode. Putting this out into the universe for all to see and hear. Fingers crossed that it will happen.

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