27 December 2016

Free Book: Daily Grace for Teens



What is the grace of God? Why do you need it in your life? God’s grace is His power and desire working in you, helping you to live a most excellent life and giving you the ability to overcome the challenges that life throws your way. God’s grace will help you to overcome fear with peace. It will give you the power to live from your heart and the courage to follow His purpose for your life, even when others don’t. God’s grace will turn your world upside-down!

The powerful devotions in Daily Grace for Teens are filled with important spiritual truths about your relationship with God and your dependence on His power. Each weekday devotion includes a “Grace for Today” principle that will speak to your heart. The inspiring “Week Ending” devotions feature cool insights from the writings of well-known Christian authors and ministers. You’ll be challenged to live by the truth and reminded that all good things in your life are God’s gracious gifts. Experience His love like never before, and let your life be transformed! Grab this book now while it is free.

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