Darklight and Daydreams: An Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology is only $.99

From rogue vampires to runaway witches, monsters in the woods to evil fae, this collection of 10 urban fantasy & paranormal romance short stories & novellas has it all!
Your favorite best-selling and award-winning authors have teamed up to create this collection to benefit Puerto Rico. All proceeds are being donated to the Hispanic Federation.

Stories Included:
Sex Demon – Cat Cotton
Chronicles of Steele: The Vampire – Pauline Creeden
Jericho – J.A. Culican
A Brush with Death – N.J. Ember
Rogue Recruit – Amir Lane
Shifting Snow – Melissa J. Lytton
The Pine Barrens – Sara R. Perez
Fangs and Fairy Dust – Joynell Schultz
Hailey’s Shadow – Lori Titus

$.99 Amazon

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