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“Like what you see?” Madison asked, glancing at his now reddened face.

“A man would have to be dead not too,” Andrew quickly replied.

Madison smiled and held on to the top of her bikini as she sat up, turning her back to him. She then glanced over her shoulder, offering him a sexy smile.

“Can you snap me up, Jet Boy?”

She giggled as Andrew rolled his eyes at her feeble attempt to come up with a suitable nickname for him. He hooked her top and in the process allowed his fingers to lightly graze her back. He smiled when her skin pebbled under his touch. She turned around and watched him intently. His body was still dripping wet and his face was flushed with excitement. She smiled at his hair which was now a chaotic mess atop his head and his eyes sparkled in the afterglow of his adventure on the water. Before she realized what she was doing she had brought her hand to his face and was lightly touching the stubble he had along his jaw. He took a deep breath and was now looking at her with lost and scared eyes. Eyes that made her instantly want to comfort him. She hesitated for only a moment before her lips moved to his.

Andrew was lost in the sensation. He felt every nuance of her soft lips and when her mouth parted, his tongue entered hers without haste, exploring her, breathing her, consuming her. His whole body became a part of the kiss as he pulled her close to him, wrapping his hand in her hair while his other hand moved down to her lower back, pulling her body flush to his. It was as if at that moment everything was right in the world. He hadn’t been in prison, he hadn’t had a messed-up childhood and he was not branded with a scarlet letter that would forever mark him to the world. No, in that moment, he found solace. In that moment, she washed it all away and made him… clean.


The Helios Chronicles is a contemporary romance series that follows the lives of Andrew ‘Helios’ Harrison and Madison Ellis as they fight for their happily ever after in a world that seems determined to tear them apart. It is only through their love for one another, that we are able to see that we are more than the mistakes we’ve made, more than the labels placed upon us and more than even what we believe we are worth. Can their love survive the life he had before her or will the consequences of his past prove too much to bear? Read the Helios Chronicles to find out!

The Helios Chronicles is a five book series which includes three full-length novels, one prequel novella, and one epilogue novella. Please note that this is an adult romance and as such there will be some graphic language and situations that are clearly not suitable for younger audiences.

Beginnings Cover v3 VerticalIn the prequel novella, Helios Beginnings, we will explore Helios’ life before he becomes Helios, beginning with his time in Detroit, through his difficult life on the streets and subsequent incarceration and ending in Bakersfield with the arrival of Madison Ellis, the woman that would forever change the way he saw the world.

Helios Beginnings: https://www.books2read.com/u/mZw89D

In Book 1, Helios Awakened, Madison moves from New York City to the California Awaken Cover Print Vertical (2)desert to care for her ailing grandmother but she never expected that she would meet the man of her dreams while there, a man that would set her heart, body, and soul on fire. However, this man comes with a price, a heavy price. Is she willing to pay it?

Helios Awakened: https://www.books2read.com/u/4N1qnW
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Exposed VerticalIn Book 2, Helios Exposed, we will find out whether or not Andrew and Madison can survive a life in New York City, where they find that things aren’t as simple as they hoped they would be. They soon discover that there are just as many enemies back east as there were on the west coast. When everything begins to crumble around them will their love be enough to hold them together?

Helios Exposed: https://www.books2read.com/u/47koa8
Helios Exposed Promo 3
In Book 3, Helios Renewed, we find Andrew and Madison living the life they were meant to live, with family and Renewed v2friends, in California. Unfortunately, things are set in motion that force them back to New York where they find themselves fighting for not only their lives but their freedom as well, against old enemies in a battle that will test them in more ways than one. Can their love stop the forces that are trying to tear them apart or will they be destroyed in the process?



Bio Photo 2012AUTHOR BIO

Author T.M. Witko lives on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation with her children. They are accompanied by their many animals, which includes an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix named Bella, a couple of ornery cats (Edward and Lil Bit) and their horses, Eagle Bear and Wild Spirit. She and her family enjoy attending wacipis, participating in tribal ceremonies, and living a quiet life without the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Ms. Witko is a licensed clinical psychologist, a full-time writer/editor and one of the co-founders of Winyan Press, LLC, an independent publishing house geared at helping female writers find their voice. She is a multi-genre author who writes Young Adult Fiction, Crime/Suspense Stories, Adult Romances, and Native American Fiction.

Her writing style combines her knowledge of psychological principles with an understanding that things are never as simple as black or white, right or wrong, but that life is a beautiful combination of both. This is most evident in her series the Helios Chronicles which looks at the effects of our past on the future we wish to have.


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