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drinking gourd


Molly, James, and their family follow the drinking gourd on a danger-filled journey from slavery in America to freedom in Canada.

Before reading, list on the vocabulary words  and preview each word. After reading,  discuss each word, how it was used in the story, and any connections they made. Next,  draw on a sheet of 12″ x 18″ paper the Big Dipper constellation. The child chooses one word from the list and writes it at the base of his drawing. Then he writes the definition and tells what the word means to him. The student illustrates the word’s meaning inside the Big Dipper; then he adds star stickers to complete his work. He posts his completed project on a board titled “Stellar Words.” This can also be used in conjunction with a science activity and a field trip to see the stars outside could be useful as well. Also while you are there think about reading with your child under the stars as well.

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