Free Book The Jubilee Problem

A celebration for the ages. A looming disaster. And an old enemy returns anew . . .

London, 1887—Queen Victoria’s magnificent Golden Jubilee celebration is poised to be the event of the decade, but a criminal mastermind’s evil plot could turn it into the worst disaster of the century.

When an unlikely source overhears the plan’s sinister details, he goes to none other than Sherlock Holmes for help. It’s up to Holmes, his trusted confidant Watson, and his fearless daughter Lucy to find the culprit, foil his plot, and save the Queen—and thousands of her subjects—from certain death.

As the team follows the clues from Buckingham Palace, to an armorer’s castle, to St. Paul’s Cathedral, a faceless foe they have crossed swords with in the past resurfaces once again.

Can Holmes and his team unmask their nemesis and defeat him once and for all? And can they do it in time to save the most glorious fancy dress ball in the history of the Empire from going up in flames—and taking the monarchy with it?

A thrilling and fast-paced take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, complete with unexpected twists and turns, international intrigue, and a strong, feisty heroine. Narrated by Lucy James and Watson, The Jubilee Problem stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series and takes the reader through some of the grandest sites of Victorian-era London. 

Hurry because this book is free until March 21.

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