How to Add Education to Your Child’s Winter Vacation


Winter break is right around the corner and as much as kids love a break from school, it is very important to keep them academically engaged during the weeks they are outside of the classroom! Everly has a  few fun tips on how to make sure your children are not falling behind during long school breaks or vacations!

How to add education to your child’s Winter vacation:

  • Read stories/ books with your child – Arrange time to read with small children each day. If your child is a bit older, begin to discuss or write about the book(s) they are reading or interested in reading.
  • Plan to visit educational places – When planning a family day, include fun learning wherever you go. Museums and nature centers are low cost and present an educational opportunity for your children, while the entire family bonds.
  • Put an educational spin on play dates (Group Tutoring session)– Some children learn best in group settings, because it is “vacation” it is important to keep learning as fun as possible. Round up a few of your child’s classmates for some fun group tutoring at your home.


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