Blood Sacrifice Excerpt

Amanda’s bones were jumping, she needed to stretch her legs and she’d seen a soda machine by the front office when they checked in. She crept outside where a light rain drizzled down. Amanda kept Read more […]

Hidden Trials Excerpt

She breathed a huge sigh. “We won’t be struggling like we are now. And maybe that’s why Emma is doing this. Maybe she sees it for what it is. I can appreciate that.” She blinked back more tears Read more […]

Excerpt from The Crimson Tree

Carly tried to focus on what she could see rather than what she felt. The woman had long, silver-streaked black hair which fell loosely down her back. Small wrinkles near the corners of her eyes did Read more […]

Excerpt for A Chilling Absence

“What is wrong, my baby girl?” Mr. Grimes asked his daughter. “Oh, Daddy! Eleven years of my life are gone. By now, everyone I know is married, finished with college, has babies….” Lily trailed Read more […]

Silent Sounds of Chaos Excerpt

  Mommy says I can’t talk to you if you make me do mean things. Snow curled up in bed that night, arms wrapped around a stuffed dog as she closed her eyes and imagined Finn in her head. Read more […]

Love & Justice Excerpt

Laurie Laurie glanced at the folded piece of paper in her hand. She made sure the penthouse suite was on the list of rooms ready for cleaning, then swerved her cleaning cart around, and backed Read more […]