Excerpt – Closing The Gap


Lake let out a wail that sounded like her insides were being wrenched from her body.

“Oh, my God!”

“God’s going to sit this one out, bitch!” the crazy bastard said as he advanced on them.  His gun trained on Lake’s head.

“Just shoot me.  Kill me.  I don’t care anymore.”  Lake shouted, her voice cracked with sobs.

As she sobbed, her voice wavered which made her actual words hard to decipher.

“Please,” she begged her ex-husband.  “Just let the police come in and save Ryan.  He didn’t do anything to you.  He doesn’t deserve this.”

“You spread your skinny legs for him, whore, so he has to go,” Buck replied.  “You, crouching there, bawling like a baby as you watch his life blood ooze from his body is like my own personal Norman Rockwell painting.  Hell, I couldn’t have planned it any better.  I love a gut wound, don’t you?”

“Wh – wh – what?” Lake could barely get the syllable out past the tears that were forming a puddle on her upper lip.  “Ryan is my friend.  I’ve never slept with him.”

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perf5.000x8.000.inddClosing the Gap

Lake Harrison was done with love until hockey bad-boy, Josh Adams walked on stage. And took her breath away.

Can two scarred people, perfect for each other, overcome their broken hearts and find the love and happiness they deserve?

Or will Lake’s past, and a madman bent on revenge, put an end to their promising future?

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Song of the Keys

A hockey bad-boy scarred by his past.

A successful career woman who doesn’t want to be tied down.

Can they release the chains of the past? Or, will his mistake and the person who wants to punish him for it, destroy their chance at happiness?

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Stacking the Deck

A devastating injury leaves marine biologist, Ben Roberts, without the use of his legs.

His sexy therapist, Christina Lorde, will stop at nothing to help him walk again.

An unbalanced stalker, Christina’s vengeful ex-husband, and a cache of secrets come into play while Ben and Christina struggle to define their relationship without crossing the boundaries they’ve set for themselves. But the hand they’ve been dealt may cost them everything if they can’t uncover who’s stacking the deck against them.

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Meet the author:

Colleen PubColleen Charles held a leadership position for a fortune 500 company for 26 years while writing suspenseful romance by night. Thrilled that she’s now able to write full time, she can’t wait to spend more time connecting with her readers. She holds an honors degree in English, is a certified life coach and a Reiki Master. She loves reading and writing stories that entertain and sweep women away from their everyday life. Colleen has shown and bred Arabian horses for over 30 years and lives in the Midwest with her human and furry families. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for underprivileged girls and homeless pets.

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