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“Harmony and I were supposed to finish the garden, but things don’t always pan out the way you’d hope,” he said with a forced smile. Life had a funny way of proving how plans were ultimately a human’s way of trying to control life. “I bought a gardening magazine from the nursery downtown. I’ll finish it.”

Venice raised an eyebrow, not completely sure if Evan had this gardening project under control, or his life under control for that matter. The unfinished family album said so otherwise.

“I hope so,” she said, planting a kiss on Evan’s forehead. “Take care of yourself, sweetie,” she said before making her way to the front door.

Evan stood in the doorway and watched as Venice got behind the wheel. Moments later he heard the engine come to life.

Before she pulled out of the driveway, Venice looked back at Evan and waved goodbye. All she managed to think about was what was going to happen in the next week. As always, she was guilty for keeping this secret to herself for all these years but never found the right time to come out and tell Denise and Evan something that they should’ve known years ago. She felt burdened with this secret. Venice would go over the scene of how she would tell them the truth, but the fear kept her from coming to terms with what she hid from them. Her grandchildren may hate her for the rest of their lives.

The truth was going to come out soon, but how prepared was she? And like before, she was stuck right in the middle.

But as always, the universe always managed to throw a curveball at her.


The first in a series, Storm is a twists-and-turns thriller driven by compelling characters challenged by dangerous forces, both external, internal, and eternal.

Evan Storm had been confronted by his past (an unpleasant one at that) in his dreams, and now in his waking life. He is struggling to reconcile the evil that lurks in his soul. Shadow Hex is his new neighbor, who also fears a dangerous past – her former fiancé who works for the Secret Eye Agency (which is as shadowy and sinister as it sounds). Does Shadow hold the key to Evan’s redemption? Is redemption even possible?






Born and raised in California, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu always had an insatiable appetite for reading and writing. She would often be reprimanded for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention to teachers. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Sidhu is a passionate businesswoman, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and running a women’s clothing company with her younger sister.



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