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beyond the gird

In this book, you’ll discover:

>How to earn 209,000 free Airline and Hotel Miles in 45 days or less
>How to strategically develop your network to catapult you into 100’s of new opportunities
>How to raise thousands of $$$ to fund any dream you have, all by using our Kickstarter strategy
>How to unlock deeper purpose in your work and a simple tool we use to triple our effectiveness
>And much, much more…

The powerful ideas and tips in this book have created great amounts of change in our own lives and have been proven to create positive, long-lasting results for others.

Armed with nothing but a couple MacBooks, degrees in Marketing and Education, and an insatiable drive to make their lives matter and do work they love…

Chris and Dave offer a pretty unique perspective. They’ve lived in multiple states and countries and have backpacked through different parts of the world. They have worked dozens of jobs and even founded multiple early-stage companies.

They are absolutely passionate about inspiring people to define what they want out of life and grow into the best version of themselves. Unfortunately, there is a growing disconnect between what people want from their lives and what they ultimately get.

That’s why this book had to be written.

Buy the book and start changing your life now! Grab Beyond the Grind: How to Do Work That Matters, Travel the World For Free, and Escape the Daily Grind Before It’s Too Late…


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