Saving Phoebe Murrow : A Review


Cyberbullying goes to a whole new level in the new book by Herta Feely called Saving Phoebe Murrow.

Before I give you my take on the book, here is a brief summary.

Have you ever tried to be the perfect mother? Isabel, a DC lawyer, does everything she can to keep Phoebe from harm, but fails when the mysterious Shane appears on Facebook and flirts with her teenage daughter. A story about the timeless struggle between mothers and their teen daughters with a razor-sharp 21st century twist. This heart-wrenching, harrowing debut novel for fans of Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty) and Reconstructing Amelia (Kimberly McCreight) will make you question what’s needed to keep your children from harm. Phoebe’s mother, Isabel, is precariously balancing her career and her family. Hard-working and caring, worried but supportive, all Isabel wants, in a world of bullies and temptations, is to keep her daughter Phoebe safe. With her busy schedule, though, she fails to recognize another mother’s mounting fury and the danger Phoebe faces by flirting with a mysterious boy on Facebook. A cyber-bullying episode aimed at Phoebe pushes her to the edge with horrific consequences. In her search for justice, Isabel, a DC lawyer, sets out to find the culprit behind this cruel incident. Saving Phoebe Murrow, set amidst the complicated web of adolescent relationships, tells a story of miscommunication and malice, drugs and Facebook, prejudice and revenge.

I will have to say that book is extremely well written and that characters in the book are well developed. When I was reading this book, I felt like I was in the actual room, where all the action was occurring.

I will have to say that I shocked at the lengths people will go to when they feel slighted in any way. But in the end, we learn that family is the most important thing in anyone’s┬álives. What happens with our family members can affect us for better or worse. It made me rethink about how I interact with my girls.


I will say that I can’t wait to read more books from Feely. Interested in reading Saving Phoebe Murrow, you can grab it on Amazon. It would be a great addition to any gift basket you are giving to the book lover in your family.

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