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Teach Children to Read with an App from North Carolina Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

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With virtual schooling becoming a reality for most students, more parents are choosing to homeschool their children. However, homeschool curriculums are really expensive and sometimes you don’t know what you are getting until you actually get it. Reading is a big part of any student’s life so you want to make sure you start them off on the right foot. Did you know there are apps that can teach your children to read? I mean isn’t technology so cool?

Homer Learning-To-Read app is offering a 30-day FREE TRIAL. This app has a 1000+ learn to read lessons geared for ages 2-8. With this membership, you get two products HOMER Reading and HOME Stories. These learn to read programs have been proven to increase early reading scores by 74%. As a former teacher, I can tell you that is awesome.  

Included in the app you will get 1000+ lessons. These lessons will include things like phonics, sight words, and ABCs. These are lessons that are learned during early elementary education. Plus they combine these lessons with stories and songs that make learning fun for your children. 

If you decide you like the app after the 30 day FREE TRIAL you just pay $7.95 a month. There is no commitment to continue with the app if you don’t like it and you can cancel at any time. 

I don’t know about you but anything that will help supplement a kid’s education I am all for, aren’t you? And just think about it, children are so into technology nowadays that they won’t even realize that they are learning because they think they are having fun and pulling one over on mom and dad. But in reality, the joke is on them because you know what the Homer Learning-to-read app is all about. Score one for mom and dad.

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