What I am Currently Reading: Ask Me What’s For Dinner One More Time

What I am Currently Reading: Ask Me What's For Dinner One More Time  from NC Book Blogger Reading with Frugal Mom

Y’all this book is so hilarious and I am working hard to get the author on Chats From The Blog Cabin. So cross your fingers. I am only on Chapter 3 but I have been laughing hysterically with this one.

After a life-changing health scare, mom of three and former public school teacher Meredith Masony founded the parenting blog That’s Inappropriate. It soon evolved into a thriving online parenting community over four million strong brought together by a shared belief that parenthood and marriage don’t have to be perfect. Many of her cheeky dispatches have gone viral, like this one—Go Ask Your Mother (30.4M Views). Her recent videos speak to the realities of pandemic parenting: There Are No Good Choices (on Florida’s back-to-school mandate) and Communicating with your partner during quarantine.

“Authentic, hilarious, and brutally honest… At a time when parents may feel more overwhelmed and isolated than ever, Masony reminds readers that they are not alone.” –BOOKLIST

Now, Meredith brings her hilariously candid perspective to the page in ASK ME WHAT’S FOR DINNER ONE MORE TIME, an unfiltered essay collection on the most irritating, humbling, and joyous parts of being a mother and wife.

Listen to Meredith’s podcast Take It or Leave It: Advice-ish for Parents with Tiffany Jenkins here.

Meredith is way too busy doing laundry to tell other moms how to parent, but she’ll make the time to unpack the chaotic universe of motherhood, along with sex, aging, anxiety, friendship, and much more. From navigating that sudden request at bedtime for a “sip” of water to being expected to know the location of all missing things; from dealing with mom guilt/judgy parents to the highs and lows of special needs parenting; from finding her first gray hair down there to her husband’s mystifying need for praise after simple chores, Meredith explores “motherhood in all its warts-and-all glory” (Kirkus Reviews).

But most of all, Meredith wants parents to know they’re experts in their own right! (When a child farts, mom knows who did it!!) ASK ME WHAT’S FOR DINNER ONE MORE TIME provides relief, validation, and, as Meredith would say, “a metaphorical hug for all of those moments you spend crying on your bathroom floor, thinking that you are failing at the hardest job on the planet.”


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