You Can TRUST Him When Your Life is Spinning Out of Control

You Can Trust Him

The disruption and difficulties of 2020 also uprooted our time with the Lord when churches closed their doors and our daily routines changed dramatically. Many people lost their jobs or lost their loved ones, despite praying diligently for different outcomes. As we adjust to a new normal, now is the perfect time to reestablish our faith and rebuild our trust in God.

Joan E. Murray’s inspirational new book, You Can TRUST Him: Anchoring Your Hope in God During Difficult Times, is filled with powerful reminders that God is always working in our favor, even when it seems that he hasn’t heard our prayers.

“We get disappointed with God because our expectations of what He should have done when we prayed is not what He actually did,” Joan said during a recent interview with Prayer on Purpose.  “We have to recognize that delays are not denials. They’re simply holding patterns while God is working on the situations in our lives.”

You Can TRUST Him takes an in-depth journey into inspirational, personal, and Biblical stories that reveal trust truths in the midst of hardship. Joan takes us into the lives of many people who were unsure they could survive their painful struggles: Hagar, Jeremiah, Caleb, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and Leah, just to name a few. She shares how even when they struggled with trusting God, He showed up powerfully in their lives and provided victorious outcomes. You Can TRUST Him brings the Bible alive and aims to help us trust His Word, trust His timing, and trust that He will help us navigate through the painful seasons of life.

Author Joan E. Murray is the founder and CEO of Joan Murray Ministries and Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions. She is an international Bible teacher, pastor, speaker and missionary who loves the Word of God and desires to see people experience freedom, wholeness and victory in all areas of life. She has 25 years of experience in management, counseling and in providing help and humanitarian aid to those who are struggling in life.

She serves the veterans in Houston, provides annual back-to-school outreaches and serves as an advisor to several churches and ministries, locally, nationally and internationally. Joan has travelled the world, sharing the gospel message and serving the needs of vulnerable populations.

Joan has been featured on TBN, Daystar, TCT Network, Destiny TV, and on international television networks and in various magazines and newspaper articles. She can be heard daily on and weekly on You Can TRUST Him is her 16th book.

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Facebook (Joan Murray or Joan Murray Ministries/Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions); on

Instagram (jmmcontactus); and on Twitter (@jmmseedsofhope). You can also visit her YouTube channel, Joan Murray Ministries.

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