14 November 2016

A Freshman Reading: Engineering Students


You just got in the best Civil Engineering University in Manila, you’re excited and then it hits you, you’re an engineering major. You hear all the stories of how hard it is and how not all who start in this major finish here also. Now you’re probably nervous and having second thoughts on your choice but don’t worry friend engineering doesn’t have to be as hard as they say. Just take note of the following tips and you should go through your course just fine.


Make Some Friends  

In every class make sure to socialize and get to know your classmates, try to make some new friends. Surround yourself with people who are hardworking and studious, a study group will help when you are having trouble with certain lessons that you don’t understand.


Take Notes

Textbooks and presentation slides are important but all the concepts could be complicated. That’s why you should always pay attention in class when all these concepts are explained and take note so you have a reference that is easy for you to understand.



Engineering courses are heavy on mathematics and problem-solving subjects. There are theorems and different solutions that are taught. This requires repetition and practice, only through practice will you be able to familiarize yourself with the application of these concepts and all their different variations.


Ask Questions

You know when your professor asks, “are there any questions?” raise your hand and clarify any confusions you may have. Your professor is the most knowledgeable person in that classroom, make full use of that. Your professor is paid to answer any questions you have so make him/her earn it.


Join Organizations

Your university probably offers several extra-curricular organizations, both related to your course and unrelated. Joining these clubs is a great way to connect with other people such as the older batches, other professors, and even companies that are associated with the org. This is a great way to learn from batches ahead of you, get additional information, meet students in the same boat as you and connect with possible future employers.



The best way to see whether you understand a concept is by relaying that information to someone else. If you’re able to replicate the process successfully with someone new, then you know you have a better understanding than you thought. Teaching is also a form of practice, the more you teach the more you apply the knowledge yourself.


Diversify Your Classes

You may be an engineering major but that doesn’t mean that all your classes should be related to this. Make sure your minor subjects offer topics that interest you, if you take subjects that are always about your course you may feel like you’re caged and bored.


Take extra credit

Yes, extra work, do the extra work it’s a great way to practice and you’ll need every point of that extra credit to make up for the work you may not have done as well in. Extra credit also may challenge you with problems that will prepare you for the upcoming exams.


Take a break

Make sure not to overdo yourself, know your limit and don’t push it. Overworking yourself causes you to be less efficient and have a harder time retaining information. Always make sure to take some time to breathe and unwind to get yourself straight.


It’s all about attitude

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep a positive attitude, always go into every class, project or exam with a can-do attitude. You can get through anything with the right attitude.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, you’re in school to learn not just about your course but also how to handle pressure, be independent and basically learning to be an adult. Don’t let different people dictate your attitude and thinking, let yourself be your greatest critic and greatest supporter.


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